Testimonials from our home owners:

"We love our Signature Builder's home. From start to finish we were impressed with Bert and his team's professionalism, organization, communication and input regarding the many decisions that went into building our beautiful home. Most telling were the positive comments from the sub-contractors who appreciated the same things we did in working with Bert. Signature Builders would certainly be our choice if we ever decide to build another home."  
Mike & Mary Hatch

"I loved working with Signature Builders and the subcontractors that they use. They were always friendly, helpful, and patient while I constantly made changes.  Bert was also always there making sure that my house was just what I wanted. Most people, after building, say they would never build again. I say, when I build again, Signature Builders will be building it."
Brian & Shirley Yagoda

"Our experience of building a home with Signature Builders was exceptional.  Bert (Butterfield) was always around to make sure everthing was going as scheduled and that we were happy with the work being done.  Two years later, we are still in touch with Bert."
Michele and Michael Groer, first-time home builders

“We are certain that Signature Builders can turn your 'dream home' into a reality.  It happened for us – and it can happen to you."
Cherie & Van Mueller

“Bert’s ability to communicate with us on our level was the key for us moving into our home on time and on budget!”  
Doreen & Ted Pittmann III

“...the best homes are not determined by who is least expensive, or most expensive, but by who gives you the most value for the money!  Bert Butterfield and Signature Builders gave us that value and then some.”  
Van Mueller

“Signature Builders did a tremendous job getting us that distinct look in the kitchen, from the perfect cabinets to the granite countertops.  Also the special painting that was done turned out beautifully.”  
Mark Gabardi

“We interviewed 70 builders over 2 years before deciding to go with Bert.  We felt he was very honest, sincere and truly committed to make our custom dream home a reality that would meet or exceed our expectation.”  
Mark Gabardi

"Bert is a great listener. He always came back with what we were looking for. At the same time, his experience saved us money. "Trust" in Bert!"
Rick Kalscheuer

"Good reputation among developers and past customers. Honest people who care about the quality of work. Always accessible"
Jeff Diel

“Bert listened to our ideas and was very patient with all the minor changes that we were making.”
Mark Gabardi

“Not only was the building molded by skilled craftsmen, it was completed in a relatively short period of time.  Their finish carpenters are some of the best in the field. Their attention to detail was phenomenal!!”
Cherie Mueller

Signature Builders, Inc., N76 W30914 County Road VV, Hartland, WI 53029